Sianworth Border Collies


Here are some pictures of dogs bred by us from previous litters.

Click on the litter date of birth to see the pictures, please note these are family dogs, enjoying life to the full and are not in show stance or trim. (As the site is still under construction, only the blue links are currently active)

Sianworth Mystic Dream J W X  Starside Paddy                                                          Born 19th Feb 09               Fleck                                       Seamus

Passim Golden Shimmer At Sianworth X Sianworth Mystic Knight                             Born 26th April 07           Shimmy                                                    Bob

Sianworth Celtic Magic X Fin & Am Ch Pikkupaimenen Spy Catcher                           Born 15th July 05             Magic                                                      Mike                   

Sh Ch Woolram Blush At Sianworth X Sh Ch Brooksbid Country Classic                     Born 7th Aug 99               Bliss                                                       Moss                              

Sh Ch Woolram Blush At Sianworth X Sh Ch & NZ Ch Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone    Born 4th March 97            Bliss                                                      Blue                          

Endrai Starlet Of Sianworth X Sh Ch Altricia Kev                                                         Born 23rd June 90          Tarka                                   Kev

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