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NEWS 2010

28th December

Update on pics on Starís litter 8 weeks, Some dog pups are available Click here to view


Wishing all our Friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011


5th December

New pictures of Starís litter on the Planned litters page Click here to view


13th November

Puppy pictures added on Planned Litters Page, Click here


8th November

Update on planned litters page


7th November

Scottish Border Collie Champ : Dog Judge Sue Large, Bitches Mrs Bev Smith

Dram 1st Post Grad, Whizz 1st Veteran, Fleck unplaced Open Bitch

Katrinaís Marty 1st Yearling and Leo (Glenfound Simply Innocent) 1st Mid Limit

New Pics of Marty added to his page


6th November

Working & Pastoral Breeds Of Scotland Champ Judge Jo Ratcliffe

Dram 5th Post Grad, Fleck 2nd Open Bitch

Katrinaís Marty 1st Yearling and Leo (Glenfound Simply Innocent) 2nd Limit


18th October

Delighted to have recieved Jessís (Sianworth Magical Dreams) Hip Score back 3 / 7 Total 10


3rd October

Whizz, Magic and Shimmy had visual gonioscopy eye test for Glacoma and are unaffectedted


25th September

Back over to Ireland to attend Border Collie Club of Ireland Champ Show

Judge Shenna Kilsby

Whizz won Veteran Dog, Dog Green Star & Res Best In Show

Dram got 3rd in Open, Bella 3rd in Intermediate bitch, Fleck 4th in Open


12th September

Lochaber Open Show, Fort William

Dram got 1st in Post Grad Dog, Bella 2nd in Yearling bitch, Fleck 2nd in Open Bitch

Whizz 4th Veteran Stakes, 1st Champion Stakes


11th September

Richmond Champ Show

Judge Stuart Mallard

Joanís Ted ( Sianworth Rustic Charmer) 4th Yearling and 3rd Post Grad and qualified for Crufts


27th August



On the way home we attended Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show on 21st August

Judge Sue Ader

Dram got a good 5th in Limit, first time in limit, Whizz was unplaced in Open and

Bella won Graduate bitch


All the dogs and the family really enjoyed a super 10 days in Southern Ireland. We attended Naven Champ Show on 14th August

Dram got a good 3rd in Open, Whizz won Veteran and Bella got Second in intermediate ALL were graded EXCELLENT


17th July National Working And Pastoral Breeds Champ Show Judge Mrs J Liebscher

Dram and Fleck unplaced, Whizz 1st in Veteran Dog/ BitchWhizz 2Dram 104

Many Thanks to Jason Higgins for pics of Whizz and Dram


1st July Windsor Champ Show

Well Done to Ted (Sianworth Rustic Charmer) and Joan on gaining 3rd in the Special Beginners Stakes out of about 40 dogs


27th June Blackpool Champ Show Judge Mrs B Walker-Smith

Dram and Fleck unplaced, Whizz 3rd in Vet Dog

Katrinaís Marty 1st Junior, 2nd Yearling

The day before we visited friends in Whitehaven and  Dram and Whizz both passed there Kennel Club Good Citizenís Bronze and Fleck passed her Silver, really pleased as they were in a completely strange hall.


Unfortunatly missed Border Union Champ Show due to so much going on at home


Pictures of Bob, Fleck and Dram having fun doing Agility at home added click here to view.

Pictures from Scottish Border Collie Open show added click here to view


12th June Dundee Open Show

Dram and Fleck unplaced in breed classes (Judge Terri Brand)

Dram 3rd AV  Pastoral Grad, Fleck 2nd AV Pastoral Open and Whizz 1st AV Pastoral Veteran (Judge Mrs Kathie Kinton) & 1st A V Vintage stakes (Judge Mr John Ritchie)

Katrinaís Leo (Glenfound Simply Innocent) was B.O.B., Marty placed in Yearling


10th June Three Counties Champ Show Judge : Mr Frank Kane

Dram, Whizz and Fleck unplaced

Katrinaís Marty (Sianworth Magical Spell) got 5th in Junior and 4th in Sp Yearling Stakes and Leo (Glenfound Simply Innocent) got 2nd in Limit and won his Stud Book No (qualifies him for Crufts for life)


30th May

Had a visit from Disnae ( Sianworth Rustic Shadow ) and his family, had a lovely walk on the each with Dram, Fleck and Disnae, (too busy with holiday makers to have all the dogs running around)

Managed to get some pics after their swim click here


29th May

Scottish Border Collie Club Open Show Judge : Mr Pete Simmons

Had a lovely day with the dogs and Jill and Trio at his first show

Dram 1st Post Grad, Whizz 1st Veteran, Bella 3rd Yearling, 4th Novice, Fleck 2nd Open Bitch and Fleck & Whizz 1st Brace

Trio (Sianworth Blue Flame ) 4th Junior, 4th Novice

Susan took some good pics, click here to view


21st May Scottish Kennel Club

Judge Mr Gary Clarke

Whizz and Dram unplaced but had a lovely day out

Marty 4th Junior and 2nd Novice


13th May

We had a lovely morning meeting with Oscar (Sianworth Blue Moon) and Meg (Sianworth Ebony and Ivory) now living down South (with Rich and Vicky) for a lovely doggy walk, with some of our gang, all the dogs behaved really well and I was proud of the Sianworth gang

I have posted some pics Click here to view


Dram, Fleck and Bob have been doing some agility training for fun with Argyll Agility

( all are progressing well and we try and practise a few times a week.

Below is Dram (renamed Basil Brush!!!) practising at home.










23rd April - Sadly we had to say good-bye to Cassie (Sianworth Dream River) at the age of 13 after a short illness. Sleep Well Cuss Cuss.


18th April - Bob, Fleck, Bella and Dram all passed their annual Adult Eye tests.


11th April - Ross and Cromarty Canine Society ( Invergordon)

We made the three hr trip up to the North of Scotland for a lovely day

Dram 3rd Grad, Bella 4th Grad, Fleck 4th Open

Katrinaís Marty 1st Grad and Leo 1st Open & BOB, Well Done.


21st March - BORDER COLLIE CLUB OF GB Champ Show

After our long weekend at Crufts and in Wales we travelled back down the road to Newark.

Dog Judge - Doug Collier

Dram short-listed in Post Grad

Whizz 1st in Veteran and BEST VETERAN IN SHOW


11th March - CRUFTS

This year we only had Dram and Whizz at the show, and the boys had a lovely day, making friends all day long, I was really proud of them.

Dog Judge - Christine Richardson

Dram 4th in Post Grad (20 in class)

Whizz 2nd in Veteran (13 in class)

Crufts 201002

Whizz captured on camera at Crufts for the Kennel Club by online edition

For more Crufts pictures click here

After Crufts we visited family in Wales where Dram and Whizz let their hair down !!! Pics here


7th Feb - Midland Border Collie Club Champ Show

Dog Judge - Sheena Kilsby  Bitches - Di Ecob

Dram 4th in Post Grad, Fleck 5th in Open

Paulaís Chase 2nd in Post Grad

Whizz 1st Special Vintage ( over 10 yrs old ),


such a special day at  10 1/2 years old

To see pics click here


Unfortunatly we had to miss Boston Champ Show due to severe weather conditions


1st Jan 2010

We had a visit with the dogs to Aonach Mor (Fort William) to play in the snow.

To see the pics click here

2009 News below





13th December - We made the trip down to LKA and had a super day Judge - Mr John Ritchie

Fleck - 3rd in Open Bitch

Katrinaís Marty - 1st Puppy Dog and Leo - 1st Graduate

Leoís litter brother ( both out of Star ) Chase owned by Paula Sapsford got 2nd to Leo in Graduate and 5th in Post Grad


7th & 8th November - We have had a busy weekend

To view pictures taken at the weekend click here

Saturday was Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland - Judge Mrs Judith Gregory

Dram 5th Post Grad, Whizz shortlisted in Open, Jess 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch, Fleck 2nd in Open

Katrinaís Marty won Minor Puppy Dog and was Best Dog Puppy and Leo won Post Grad and Star was shortlisted in Limit Bitch WELL DONE

Sunday was Scottish Border Collie Club Champ Show                                                              Dog Judge Mrs Di Ecob, Bitch Judge Mrs Juliet Mockford

Dram 3rd Grad, Whizz 1st Veteran, Jess 3rd Minor Puppy & 3rd Novice, Fleck was unplaced in Open


After a quiet few weeks ( show wise ) on

17th October we went to North East of England Working & Pastoral Breeds Open Show Judge Mrs Lyn Norton

Jess 1st Puppy, Bella 2nd Junior, Dram 2nd Post Grad,

Fleck 1st Open & B.O.B.

18th October we went to North West Border Collie Club Champ Show Bitch Judge Mrs Sylvia Hughes

Jess 5th Novice, Bella 4th Colour Class, Fleck 4th Open

Katrina and Marty ( Sianworth Magical Spell ) where flying the flag at North Of Scotland Sheepdog Club were Marty went Best Puppy in Breed and then BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - WELL DONE


12th September we made the long journey to Richmond Champ Show

Judge Mrs Toni Jackson

Dram got a super 2nd in Post Grad, Jess and Fleck were unplaced

Sianworth Rustic Charmer (Ted) won Minor Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog at his first Show, WELL DONE Joan & John, this qualifies him for Cruft.

Ted is the third from this litter to qualify at their first show.


On 5th September we went to City Of Birmingham Champ Show

Judge Mr Eric Broadhurst

Dram got 3rd in Grad, Jess got 4th in Minor Puppy and Fleck got 3rd in Open

Another good day for Bobís pups with Florauna Gone Fishing & Florauna The Countryman both getting 3rds in their classes


On 29th August we went to Scottish K C Champ Show

Judge Mrs Ann Jordon

Dram got 5th in Post Grad, Whizz - 3rd Open Dog

Jess WON Minor Puppy Bitch at her first show and has qualified for Crufts and Fleck got 2nd in Open Bitch

Marty got 3rd in Minor Puppy Dog and has also qualified for Crufts at his first show


Having had a busy Summer I am finally able to add some updates

August 3rd We made the long trip down to Exeter for

Paignton Champ Show Judge Mrs Sheila Gay

Whizz - 4th Open Dog, Dram - 5th Post Graduate Dog

Bob & Fleck unplaced

Bobís daughter Florauna Gone Fishing ( Peggy ) qualified for Crufts

Katrinaís Star got 5th in Limit Bitch and Leo won Yearling

Jess went to stay with my mother and made some new friends at PaulaísJessDownJessComingJessMist2ChaseJess202

Jess went to stay with Paula for a bit and met Mist and Chase

Bournmouth Champ Show Judge Mr Bob Tunicliffe

We could not make the show but Katrinaís Leo got 2nd in Yearling and Bobís son Florauna Rainbow Warrior got 2nd in Minor Puppy and Puppy Dog and has qualified for Crufts Well Done the third from this litter to qualify


Fleck and I attended two weekends, learning how to Search and Track as well as other Working Trial excersises with John Rogerson, we both really enjoyed the busy weekends


News of the youngsters at 4 1/2 months

Oscar has passed his K C puppy Foundation Course, and has had a family holiday

Ted won Best puppy In Show at a Companion Dog Show winning a big sack of food and a lovely toy.

Marty has been on holiday caravanning with Katrina at the shows, having a great time

Trio has been away helping his Mum on an Agility course and met up with Heather Donnelly on the course who bred Bliss

Disnae has enjoyed the warm weather with trips to the beach

Our Jess has had fun keeping cool on the beach and having short walks with some of the bigger dogs

I have added pictures for most of the pups to their own pages



Keeping cool on the beach on a daily walk


June 28th


Although I could not make Blackpool this year, some of our offspring made it and did really well

Katrinaís Star (Sianworth Mystic Star Over Sianworth) got 2nd in Limit bitch

Starís youngsters

Leo (Glenfound Simply Innocent) was 2nd in Yearling and Paulaís Chase (Glenfound Simply Magical) got 4th in Yearling


June 16th

Delighted to hear Bobís son Florauna The Countryman ( Magregor ) qualified for Crufts at 3 Counties Champ Show at just over 6 months. WELL DONE from a proud Dad


June 1st

Our Daughter Susan has gone off to America for the Summer to work at a Summer Camp as a Horse Riding instructor, she has settled in well and passed her assessment. I will add a picture page of her trip when we get some


May 23rd & 24th

A busy weekend Scottish Border Collie Club Open show on Sat a really good day Judge Mrs Winifred Hagan

Whizz - Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician, 1st Veteran Dog, Res Best Dog & Best Veteran In Show

Bob -3rd Limit Dog

Dram - Sianworth Firecracker 3rd Graduate Dog

Bella - 2nd Minor Puppy & 2nd Puppy

Whizz was awarded TOP DOG points trophy and

Fleck was Joint TOP BITCH

We then made the LONG journey down to Bath Champ Show Judge Mrs K Burnell

Whizz - Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician, 1st Veteran Dog & Best Veteran In Breed, shortlisted for the C C

Bob -5th in Limit Dog

Bella - Unplaced in Minor Puppy

Ted went off to his new home on Sunday and we wish John and Joan well with him


May 20th

Due to hackers having somehow got into the Guest Book section we have had to temporarily ( I hope ) remove it, If you wish to comment on the web-site please feel free to e-mail me

I have added new pictures of Bella, Jess and Ted as Ted goes to his new home at the weekend


May 17th

Scottish Kennel Club Champ show, our first Champ show for some time, although our dogs were not placed Bella really enjoyed her first show and I was really pleased with how she took it all in, Dram and Whizz were unplaced but enjoyed their day out.

Katrinaís Leo came third in Yearling and Star got fifth in Limit


April 22nd

Final puppy pics (as a litter) added, more pictures will be added as and when new owners send them.


April 18 / 19th

Four puppies have gone off to their new homes and are settling in well. Jess and Charm (for now) are enjoying the extra fuss and are not really looking for their litter mates

Lots of visitors over the last few weeks, the pups and big dogs really enjoyed all the fuss


April 12th

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Katrina and Leo (Glenfound Simply Innocent) on winning BEST IN SHOW at Ross and Cromarty Open Show at just under 18 months. Well Done from Granny Magic and the gang.


April 8th

Another early start to take the puppies down to Glasgow for hearing testing all passed no problems


April 3rd

An early start to take the puppies over to Edinburgh for eye testing all passed no problems

Both Fleck and Bella were also Eye tested for predisposition for Glaucoma and were both unaffected.


March 22nd : Border Collie Club of G B Champ Show

Judges : Dogs : Mrs Angela Gillespie, Bitches : Mrs Heather Donnelly

Whizz - Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician, 4th Veteran Dog,

Dram - Sianworth Firecracker 4th Yearling Dog

Both Dram and Bob were Eye tested for predisposition for Glaucoma and were both unaffected, Fleck and Bella will be tested when the pups are Eye tested early in April.



Although I could not make Crufts this year, some of our offspring made it and did really well

Katrinaís Star (Sianworth Mystic Star Over Sianworth) got 5th in Post Grad bitch

Starís youngsters

Leo (Glenfound Simply Innocent) was shortlisted in Sp Junior and Paulaís Chase (Glenfound Simply Magical) got 5th in Sp Junior



March 5th

Pups are growing well, eyes are open and they are getting up on their feet and moving round the whelping box at great speed.


To Katrina and Star (Sianworth Mystic Star over Glenfound) and Leo (Starís son) and the Glenfound gang

and Paula and Chase  another Starís son

and all our friends.

We are staying at home as son Tom is competing in a climbing competition on Saturday and will be back too late for me to set off for the N.E.C. and with young pups here, it is easier to stay at home. Daughter Susan is going with a friend and my shopping list, so will be around the rings at some time.


February 19th :

Fleckís pups are here, a surprise array of colours,

2 x Sable & White Dogs, 1 x Black Tri Dog, 1 x Blue & White Dog and a Blue Tri Dog also a Black Tri Bitch

Pups and Mum are doing well.

Visit their page here


February 1st : Midland Border Collie Club Champ Show

Another Super Day

Judges : Dogs : Mrs Irene Kiff, Bitches : Mrs Karen Dalglish

Whizz - Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician, won Veteran Dog, and BEST VETERAN IN SHOW and was down to the final four for the C C.

Dram - Sianworth Firecracker was again placed Second in Yearling, just behind the Res C C winner

Katrinaís Star - Sianworth Mystic Star Over Glenfound was Second in Post Grad Bitch and her two sonís 

Paula Sapsfordís Glenfound Simply Magical was 1st Junior Dog and

Katrinaís Glenfound Simply Innocent was 4th Junior Dog



Puppies due around 20th February, see Litters Planned page for more information


16th January : Manchester Champ Show - After a few days at home we went South again down to Stafford,  and then spent a few days in North Wales with family again a SUPER day.

Judge Mrs Marion Hopkinson

Whizz - Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician, won Veteran Dog and was down to the final three for the C C.

Dram - Sianworth Firecracker was again placed third in Yearling


10th January : Boston Champ Show - We made the long drive down to Newark in the cold weather and had a SUPER start to the year.

Judge Mrs Jacky Lloyd

Whizz - Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician, won Open Dog and the C C, his fourth, not bad at 9 1/2 years

Dram - Sianworth Firecracker was placed third in Yearling and qualified for Crufts 2010

Fleck - Sianworth Mystic Dream J W was shortlisted in a strong Open class


Christmas 2008

Bella - Starside Gold Dust Over Sianworth joined us just before Christmas and has settled in really well. Visit her page here




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