Sianworth Border Collies



Dram 103

Dram at 2 1/2 years

Dram head 102

Date of Birth :    26th April 2007           Breeder : Sian Jones

Sable & White

K C Stud Book No.

Sire : Sianworth Mystic Knight

Dam : Passim Golden Shimmer At Sianworth

Hip Score : 4/5 Total 9

Elbow Score : 0/0

Hearing Tested Normal

Adult Eye Test : Normal Oct 2015

Adult Eye Test : Glaucoma Unaffected

DNA C.E.A. Tested Normal         DNA T.N.S. & C.L. Clear by parentage

DNA Clear Cobalamin Malabsorption (Imerslund-Grasbeck syndrome) (Vit B12)  Clear  by parentage

DNA Clear for MDR 1 (Multi Drug Resistance)


Dram our sable boy has had a great deal of success in Junior and Yearling throughout 2008 /09 and has some super places, considering his colour. He is a slow maturer and will take time to come to his own. He is a joy to live with and loves the beach or forest walks.

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He is at stud to approved bitches who are K C registered and have had ALL Health Tests, contact me for more information,  e-mail :

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