Sianworth Border Collies




Date of Birth :    9th April 2012        Breeder : Sian Jones

Tri Colour

Sire : Sianworth Mystic Knight

Dam : Starside Gold Dust Over Sianworth

Hip Score : 6/4 Total 10

Elbow Score : 0/0

Hearing Tested Normal

Adult Eye Test : Normal Oct 2015

Adult Eye Test Glaucoma Unaffected

DNA C.E.A., TNS & CL Normal by Parentage

DNA Clear Cobalamin Malabsorption (Imerslund-Grasbeck syndrome) (Vit B12)  Clear  by parentage

DNA Clear for MDR 1 (Multi Drug Resistance)

Gemma is a very full on girl, but very affectionate and loving, but needs to explore everything we are hoping to put this to good use and do Working Trials with her in a few years time.

She is also starting to learn agility and will hopefully be following in Dramís footsteps at agility.

We are planning a litter from Gemma in 2016

Contact me for more information: e-mail :

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