Sianworth Border Collies


Litters planned Spring / Summer 2017

See below

Before contacting us regarding a puppy please read below

One line e-mails without the full information requested will be deleted





A litter is planned for Spring /Summer 2017 from

Gemma (Sianworth Midnight Dreamer) will be mated when she comes in season (March time ish) Black / White, Tri and possibly Sables, these pups will be looking for active dog sports homes. Some puppies are booked, depending what we have, a few puppies may be available to suitable homes.

Puppies will be micro-chipped, vet checked, eye and hearing tested before they leave us.


For more information please e-mail me at



If you are interested in owning a Sianworth Border Collie please e-mail me with some details regarding your work arrangements, family set-up, interests and experiences with the breed.

Please read the information below before you contact me as Border Collies are not an easy breed and require mental simulation as well as daily exercise, our Border Collies are still fit and full of life at well over ten years of age, and require a good walk in all weathers, at least twice a day with plenty of free running even at this senior age.

They are not couch potatoes and require time and training to become a rewarding and loving companion (as with all dogs), priority will be given to active homes where owners have an interest in doggy activities, our pups are happiest with owners who understand the needs of the breed to remain active.

I will not let my puppies go to people who are out at work all day (unless suitable arrangements are made for the puppy and adult dog), people who live in homes with no gardens, families with children under the age of five (unless they have recent knowledge of the breed) or to people wanting a present for someone. I do not export to people I do not know.

We will not let two puppies go to the same home together or to a home where another dog is under 12 months.

I expect prospective owners of my puppies to come and visit the puppies at between 4-5 weeks and meet the mother, and other relatives, and then to return and collect their puppy at about 8 weeks of age. Please note we live 100 miles North West of Glasgow.

Due to the volume of enquiries One line e-mails or e-mails with no information will be deleted.

If you wish to register an interest in a future litter please e-mail me at or phone 01631 720516

I only breed a litter with the intention of keeping at least one puppy for myself, other puppies may be available after I have made my choice.

I also have a waiting list for people who have been waiting for a puppy.

If you wish to be considered for this waiting list please contact me.

For more information please e-mail me at



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